It's true, diamonds are a girl best friend. But, it always helps to have a great diamond education when purchasing an engagement ring. Our diamond buying guide will give you a wonderful education on the 4 c's: color, clarity, carat, and cut. If your looking at clarity enhanced diamonds , there are a few sure fire tips that will help you get the best clarity enhanced engagement ring that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Does The Website Own The Engagement Rings

There are many websites, and jewelers, that sell clarity enhanced diamonds and enhanced engagement rings , but do they actually own the diamonds and jewelry? Or, do they take the diamonds on consignment from other dealers? If you want to buy a cheap engagement ring , make sure the store owns all of the engagement rings so they can pass any savings onto you.

How do I Find Out If The Website Owns All of Their Diamond Inventory

Simple! Ask the website if you can return the engagement ring after 60 to 90 days. If they say they can not, that is a clear indication that they don't own the clarity enhanced diamond rings on their site.

Purchase Diamonds with Certificates

Always purchase any diamond with a certificate from laboratories, including GIA, EGL, AGI or IGI. GIA does not grade clarity enhanced diamonds, but these other diamond laboratories will. They will include on the EGL certificate that the diamond is clarity enhanced.

Return Policy

Return policy is always of utmost importance! You must find out how many days you will have to return an engagement ring. Do you receive credit toward another payment, or do you receive your full money back? will give you a 60 to 90 day return policy and will always fully refund your money. We will also take PayPal payments .

Conflict Free

We all want to buy a cheap diamond ring , or cheap engagement ring , while making sure the diamonds we are looking at have not been financed by any civil wars or modern conflicts. Ask the store, or website, for their conflict free guarantee on a bill of sale.

Resale value

If you want to trade in your diamond, or trade up for a larger diamond, the resale value of a clarity enhanced diamond is very good. We do not like synthetic diamonds or lab grown diamonds because they do not have any resale value in today's market place. They are virtually worthless.

Final conclusion

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