1) Know Your Partner

Before you purchase an engagement ring, know your partner's taste. That's why we love Pinterest. Pinterest is such a great source to find out what your partners favorite diamond shape is. Whether it's a round cut, princess cut, pear shape or other fancy shape. Pinterest will also help you find out what type of metal your partner wants. Platinum, or white, yellow or rose gold.

2) Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions

TheCheapDiamonds.com loves customers who ask questions! Don't be afraid to ask them. We have a wonderful diamond buying guide that can help you on your quest in finding out exactly what the 4 C's are, and what diamond is exactly right for you! Ask for videos of the diamonds you are inquiring about!

3) Set Your Budget

Our favorite saying is, always give your partner what he/she wants, and only if you can afford it. Buying a diamond engagement ring is one of the most important steps in a lifetime. Whatever you have in your mind, set your budget!

4) Give and Take

Another favorite saying we like to use in the diamond industry is the phrase, "give and take." You don't have to purchase a D color and Internally flawless diamond. You can purchase a wonderful diamond that is near colorless, such as G or H color, and a clarity that is VS2 or SI1. These make for a beautiful diamond. Talk to our diamond expert Charles, and he will help guide you to find an affordable engagement ring . If you're budget conscious, maybe a clarity enhanced diamond is right for you.

5) Buy a Diamond With a Certificate

Buying a diamond with a GIA, AGI, IGI or EGL diamond certificate will always give you peace of mind.

6) Conflict Free

We all want to make sure anything we purchase today is either ethical, or conflict free. All of our certificate diamond engagement rings , or clarity enhanced diamonds , are conflict free. That is a guarantee!

7) Ask a Friend or Mother in Law

Asking your future mother in law, or friend, can be another excellent way to find out that elusive question of diamond shape, metal that is needed for the engagement ring, and something as important as a finger size. Your input is so important and will always be remembered!

8) Ask About The Return or Exchange

Most internet resellers do not own the diamonds or engagement rings on their site. If you do make a mistake concerning a diamond shape or metal size after 30 days you can not return it. TheCheapDiamonds.com owns all of the diamonds and engagement rings on our site. Therefore, you have a 90 day return policy. if you're not happy, you can return for a full refund, No Questions Asked!

Final Conclusion:

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