According to Websters dictionary, a glossary is a list that give definitions of hard or unusual terms. When customers are shopping for a clarity enhanced diamond, or clarity enhanced engagement ring, there are a few terms our customers should be familiar with. Laser drilling, Yehuda, rainbow, CVD, and HPHT are a few of these terms. If you are looking for an affordable engagement ring, you have come to the right place. Our collection of discount diamond engagement rings have center diamonds with, or without, clarity enhancement.  We offer such metals as platinum and gold. No matter what your budget is, we have a certified diamond engagement ring for you.  Please inquire about our 1 year interest free layaway plan, and military engagement ring discount.

Clarity Enhancement Process

Every diamond made by mother nature will have some type of feathers or imperfections. The clarity enhancement process injects a special material into a diamond in order to fill the feather and remove the imperfection. Not all imperfections can be taken out by the clarity enhancement process. If you would like to find out how clarity enhanced diamonds are produced, please see our clarity enhancement guide. Once a diamond has been enhanced, we then refer to them as a treated diamond.

Laser Drill

Another important process used to enhance clarity is a process called laser drilling. Laser drilling removes any black imperfections from diamonds. After a diamond has been drilled, it leaves a tiny white line which looks like an icycle and will never harm a diamond.


Most diamonds that have undergone the clarity enhancement process will have a very small rainbow in the diamond. This tells that it has been enhanced.

Yehuda Diamonds

Yehuda is the name of the person who discovered the the clarity enhancement diamond process.

CVD Diamonds

A CVD diamond is a diamond that has been man made, and has many of the properties of a natural diamond made by mother nature.

Natural Diamonds:

Diamonds that are simply made by Mother Nature. This includes clarity enhanced diamonds and HPHT diamonds.

HPHT Diamonds

Advanced technogy today includes the HPHT process. HPHT stands for "High Pressure High Temperature."  HPHT diamonds are real diamonds, produced by Mother Nature, that have a brown color. After the HPHT process these diamonds will come out colorless or near colorless. Diamonds undergoing the HPHT process must have clarities that are VVS or Flawless in order for this process to work. GIA will grade HPHT diamonds and will state this process on the certificate.

How Do You Clean a Clarity Enhanced Diamond

We're always asked how do I clean a clarity enhanced diamond. Very simple!  Exactly like you would clean any diamond. We recommend a toothbrush and soapy water. You cannot put a clarity enhanced diamond under 500 degree heat, so when resizing your enhanced diamond ring, please tell your jeweler so he can remove the diamond. The guarantees the enhancement process for the life of your diamond. If you would like to find out how  to care for your clarity enhanced diamond, please see our care for your jewelry guide.

Final Conclusion:

Here are many of the terms you will need when looking for a clarity enhanced diamond. If you like our blog, please tell us on Facebook or Twitter!