There are few shows, including the September Hong Kong show, the Las Vegas Diamond and Jewelry show, and the Miami antique show, which give us an indication where diamond prices are. When we see where diamond prices are, it helps show us where the prices of clarity enhanced diamonds are going. There are many factors that affect this. For example, who visits the show? Are dealers, and customers, from the Middle East, Far East (including India and China), Europe and the U.S. there? Here are our thoughts on the show.

Who Came to Miami and Where Are Diamond Prices Today

With the world in a recession, many of our dealer friends from the Middle East and Far East did not come to this show. Diamond prices including VVS clarities have been on a continual down cycle for the past year. But something has happened to imperfect diamond prices, including I1 with GIA certificates . They have gotten much stronger, very much in demand, and very hard to find. Fancy shapes, including oval, radiant, asscher cut, and round imperfect diamonds have gotten stronger. With a recession continuing throughout the world, customers want to spend less money and imperfect diamonds gives them the perfect opportunity.

Clarity Enhanced Diamond Prices

The prices of clarity enhanced diamonds will always follow the prices of diamonds. This has again proved to be true. Prices of clarity enhanced diamonds has risen, along with the rise of imperfect diamonds. Prices of round diamonds, and fancy shape diamonds, of 2.50 carats and above, has actually gotten a bit stronger. With the rise of GIA imperfect diamonds, customers understand that they can receive a clarity enhanced engagement ring approximately half the price. Enhanced diamonds gives customers the perfect opportunity for an affordable engagement ring !

Final Thoughts:

With the world in a recession, we see the prices of clarity enhanced diamonds , and imperfect diamonds, staying strong. At least for the near future! If you love our blogs, tell us on Facebook or Twitter!