What are Asha Simulated Diamonds

Asha simulated diamonds, simply, are simulated diamonds that have some of the carbon bonds found in natural diamonds. Asha diamonds belong to the cubic zirconia family and have dispersion and brilliance found in diamonds. Yet, when we examined an Asha synthetic diamond with a 10 power loupe and diamond microscope, we did see too much dispersion, or color, so we were able to see that it was a simulated diamond.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are real diamonds. They are not synthetic, or made in a laboratory. Clarity enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds, from nature, but have imperfections in the diamond. A special material is injected into the stone to fill the imperfections and they either disappear or are made smaller. All of our clarity enhanced diamonds and non-enhanced diamonds are conflict free !

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds vs Asha Diamonds

As we have discussed in past blogs, lab created diamonds have too much color, or dispersion, and this is the case with Asha diamonds. Asha diamonds, like Moissanite and cubic zirconia , have too much color and dispersion. We do not like Asha diamonds or lab created diamonds because they do not have any resale value. So before you purchase these, ask the store, or site, what the resale value is of a synthetic or lab created diamond. Can you trade up from this to a natural diamond Clarity enhanced diamonds are real diamonds and have a wonderful resale value.

How do I Choose Between Asha Simulants or Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

We do understand there are so many synthetic choices available for you to purchase. We always recommend clarity enhanced diamonds over any type of synthetic, or lab created diamond. Always ask questions, and find out resale values, trade in values and return policies. If you want more education, our 4c's guide is a wonderful place to start. We will help you with your diamond education, help you afford the ring of your dreams, and educate you on clarity enhanced and synthetic diamonds. TheCheapDiamonds.com owns all of the EGL, AGI and GIA diamond engagement rings on our site, and we do not take any diamonds on consignment.

Final Thoughts:

We always recommend if your looking for a cheap diamond ring or an affordable engagement ring , clarity enhanced diamonds are a wonderful choice! Like our blogs please tell us on Facebook or Twitter.