We are proud to announce our collection of CVD diamonds , or synthetic diamonds , in our Ebay store Dream Of Jewels. CVD diamonds, or Chemical Vapor Deposition diamonds, are man made diamonds produced in a controlled laboratory setting. They copy the exact chemical, and optical, properties of a diamond made by mother nature. Our eBay store, Dream of Jewels, has a wonderful collection of CVD diamonds including round cuts and fancy shapes such as princess cuts, oval cuts and pear shape diamonds.

What Are CVD Diamonds

CVD diamonds are lab grown, or chemical vapor deposition , producing genuine diamonds in a controlled artificial setting. Our lab grown synthetic diamonds are optically and chemically exactly the same as diamonds from Mother Nature, they cost 30 percent less, and are guaranteed conflict free.

What Shape are CVD Diamonds

Our lab grown CVD diamonds, or synthetic diamonds , come in all shapes including round cuts, princess cut, pear cut, marquis cut ,oval cut and other fancy shape diamonds.

Are the CVD Diamonds Certified

All of our CVD diamonds are certified by either the IGI or AGI laboratories in New York, and are all accompanied by a diamond report. Our CVD diamonds have very good to excellent cut grades, Polish, and symmetry.

Conflict free

Dream of Jewels CVD diamonds are produced in a controlled laboratory and are guaranteed ethical and conflict free .

About Dream of Jewels

Dream of Jewels is one of the leading power sellers on eBay, with close to 1000 feedbacks and over thirty years of experience in the clarity enhanced diamonds and non enhanced diamond industry. Our knowledge of CVD diamonds, and HPHT diamonds allows us the opportunity to present to our customers the options when choosing a lab grown diamond .These are optically, and physically, exactly like a mined diamond, except you don't have to wait thousands of years. We own all of the lab controlled diamonds in our eBay store, so we can pass the savings onto our CVD customers. All our CVD diamonds are conflict free and have a 90 day return policy!

Final conclusion

CVD diamonds are beautiful. They have the same optical and physical properties as a diamond by mother nature. Please tell us your thoughts about lab controlled diamonds on Facebook or Twitter!