Clarity Enhanced diamonds

At the Las Vegas show we can see the clarity enhanced diamond inventory from dealers throughout the world. An abundance of one size, or shape, will tell us how prices are going to be. If we see there is less supply of certain clarity enhanced fancy shape diamonds, the prices will rise for that certain shape.

Prices Who's buying and not buying

Diamond shows tell us what parts of the world are buying diamonds and diamond engagement rings. Are our friends from the far east (specifically China and India) still buying diamonds? What are our friends from Europe and The Middle East doing? What are the buyers from the United States doing? This is so important, and these diamond shows supply us with this information.


Many lab synthetic diamonds are actually used as "fool diamonds." There are many new techniques, and instruments, that help you differentiate a real diamond from a fake. Different seminars inform us on what parts of the world are staying conflict free and not trading in blood diamonds. Also, what countries are using underage children for the mining of gold and diamonds.

Increased Revenue for different states and different countries

The revenue of different states is so important for every economy. Las Vegas, Miami and Hong Kong love having diamond shows as it brings them more revenue. More revenue, less taxes and hopefully more money for education and schools.


Our Thoughts

Diamond shows throughout the world give dealers an education on where diamond prices are at, who is buying diamonds throughout the world, and also educates us on the different testing methods.