A girlfriend is always one of the best possible ways to find out exactly what your future fiancee's preference of diamond is. Friends are always whispering what their favorite shapes are, and while you're at it ask her if she knows what type of metal she would prefer. If her friend is engaged, maybe she can ask what she thinks about her engagement ring . Oh, of course, please ask her not to mention it!

Future Mother In Law

Future mothers in law are a fantastic way to find out your fiancee's preference of a diamond. Mothers and daughters will always have the conversation re: favorite shape of a diamond . You may get a hint, and ask your mother in law what shape she has. That could be another indication of what your fiancee may choose.


One of our favorite sites is Pinterest. A Pinterest page has many different ideas, and pins. Your fiancee's favorite diamond shape may be on her page, with her favorite color for the engagement ring setting.


Magazines are another great place to find out what your fiancee's favorite shape is. If she is a true romantic, or classic, maybe she wants a square shape such as an emerald cut or radiant cut shape.

Wedding Band

You can always ask her, but if you choose not to go this route, then buy a wedding ring and ask for her hand in marriage. Then you can choose the band together. owns all of the engagement rings on our site and has a wonderful 60 day return policy, so you can never make a mistake.

Final Conclusion

There are many ways to find out what diamond shape your future fiancee prefers. What do you think about our list, and what is your favorite diamond shape? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter