If you're shopping online for a diamond, you'll love this blog. It will give you wonderful advice from our diamond expert, Charles, who has over 25 years in the diamond and jewelry industry. Here are some tips that will save you money. It will also help to make sure you are purchasing the right diamond. So, you've found your partner that you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you've met the parents. Now you're not sure what shape diamond to choose. Would it be a round cut, princess cut or marquis cut? What color should it be? D color or J color? Flawless or SI1 clarity? Tough questions for sure, but there are very easy answers.

Choose a Diamond Shape

Not sure what shape? Why not ask her best friend!? Is she glamorous and loves the spotlight? If so, then I would recommend a brilliant cut, princess cut or pear shape . Is she traditional? If the answer is yes, then maybe an emerald cut, cushion cut, or asscher cut is the answer. Classic fancy shapes are also oval cuts or marquis cuts. The next best answer is always ask your mother in law!


We love Pinterest and are big fans of Pinterest boards. Maybe take a look at your fiancées Pinterest board and see what he or she is pinning. This can go far in finding out what your partners favorite shape is.

The 4'cs

The four C's will help you decipher the type of diamond you want. When using the four c's, we recommend give and take, or a balance of what is most important to you.


Color starts with D, E, and F which are colorless diamonds. G, H, and I are next which are near colorless diamonds. J, K, and L are faint yellow diamonds. I love G, H colors because this is good spot for color and at great price point!


Clarity starts with flawless, then moves to VVS1, VVS2, SI1, SI2 and I1. We never recommend flawless or VS clarities because they will make your budget jump up. We do recommend SI1, SI2 and some I1 clarities. Because you're purchasing online, make sure to ask if the SI1, SI2, and I1 is not visible to the naked eye.


The cut of the diamond is also important because this will affect the brilliancy and dispersion of the diamond. Diamonds will be cut to specific proportions, and cut grades will include excellent, to very good, good and fair cuts. We recommend excellent, very good, and good cut grades

Location and Sun Will Help Affect The Look Of The Diamond

Most internet sites do not have the experience to give this advice. Where you live is very important to what type of color you choose. If you live in the south, such as Florida or South America sunlight is very prominent and will make faint yellow diamonds look whiter. So, if you do live in these areas of the world we recommend K,L, M, and N colors.


Only buy a diamond with a certificate. This will give you the color, clarity and proportions of your diamond. We recommend GIA, EGL, AGI and IGI laboratories . EGL and AGI labs will grade for clarity enhancement while IGI and GIA will not.


TheCheapdiamonds.com owns all of the clarity enhanced diamonds on our site, and does not take any diamonds on consignment. We are, then, able to pass any savings onto our customers. Most websites and jewelry stores take their diamonds on consignment and their diamonds will cost more. One sure fire way to find out if jewelers take diamonds on consignment is to as for a sixty day return policy. If they balk at your request, then you have your answer!

Carat Weight

Carat weight is the measure of weight. 100 points equals 1 carat. Mind you, different shape diamonds with different cuts will show differently. Purchasing a diamond is a give and take when you have a budget you're working with. Please remember, never spend more than you can afford.

Final conclusion

With over twenty five years in the diamond industry, we are confident in giving you these tips to help you purchase a great diamond online. How do you like our list? Please tell us on Facebook or Twitter