You purchased a beautiful clarity enhanced engagement ring.The has a few important steps for you to keep your diamond engagement ring looking beautiful for a lifetime. Clarity enhanced diamonds, and laser drilled diamonds, really don't require any major techniques and care, just a few simple easy steps. You can also view our caring guide for any extra tips you may need.

Polishing Your Engagement Ring

After playing sports, or gardening, any diamond engagement ring will need a cleaning. You can go to your neighborhood jeweler or stop by our NYC office for a polish and cleaning. Polishing a clarity enhanced diamond will never be a problem. If you're not near a jeweler, just take a little warm water, soap, and a toothbrush and you can clean the ring. Leave it in luke warm water for twenty minutes and it will look good as new. Just please don't do this near a sink! Our engagement ring caring guide will help you keep your engagement ring looking beautiful for a lifetime of wear!

Resizing Your Engagement Ring

If you have a clarity enhanced diamond ring and need any type of resizing you must tell your jeweler that your diamond is clarity enhanced or fracture filled ! When your enhanced diamond is near 500 degree heat the enhancement will come out. But, don't worry, you can always enhance your diamond again. guarantees the enhancement process for a lifetime.

Laser Drilled Engagement Rings

Once a diamond has the laser drilling enhancement process it can not be removed by any heat or any other process. Laser drilling can be identified by using a 10 power loupe, or microscope, and you will notice a tiny microscopic white line in your diamond resembling an icicle.

Resetting Your Enhanced Diamond Ring

If you decide you want to reset your clarity enhanced diamond, the enhancement in your diamond will not have any effect when removing your diamond.

Final conclusion

What do your think of our tips? You can view our diamond ring caring guide as well. Please tell us your thoughts on clarity enhanced diamond engagement rings on Twitter or Facebook!