Well it’s that time of the year again (no not new years). We’re talking about our favorite antique show, the famous Miami Antique Show. You may be asking yourselves why we would ever hold an antique show so high in esteem, especially considering thecheapdiamonds.com specializes in clarity enhanced and non-enhanced diamonds and not antique jewelry. Well, actually this wonderful show allows us a glimpse as to where industry prices are, and if our colleagues from all over the globe are buying diamonds and jewelry. Plus we love to get out of the cold and into warm weather!



So, who are the heavy buyers right now? Are our friends from the Far East, Europe, and the Mideast back purchasing diamonds? Are United States dealers and private buyers still buying diamonds or is the European recession still affecting them. In addition, we are ourselves of course in a constant search for our beloved loose commercial and clarity enhanced diamonds.


Where do we see the price of clarity enhanced diamonds presently and for the next year?  We see numerous forces pushing the prices of fine diamonds lower, and commercial goods weakening.


With the Far East, including China and India, in the midst of a recession prices of colorless and near colorless diamonds, as well as flawless and VVS clarities, have moved downward.


With the US economy inching up slowly, commercial colorless and near colorless diamonds (ie: VS2, SI and I1) have depreciated a little, however due to a low supply, the prices will stay the same. Round diamonds have weakened as well, while fancy shapes such as oval diamonds,emerald cut, pear shape, marquise and princess cut diamonds held steady.

When the price of commercial diamonds stay the same, or rise, the prices of clarity enhanced diamonds tends to remain very strong. Clarity enhanced diamonds are themselves very stable in Europe and Russia. With the demand rising, the prices of enhanced diamonds can only either remain the same or rise.