There are a few important purchases one can make in a lifetime, including the excitement of a first car, your first house, and an engagement ring. Purchasing an engagement ring is such a special moment in one's life. It's showing the commitment you are making to that person you've chosen to spend your life with. understands that commitment, and wants you to know we have many affordable engagement rings for you to choose from. We know many couples are on a budget, but don't fret! We have been in the diamond industry for over 30 years, and have a wonderful collection of cheap engagement rings , and cheap diamond rings with clarity enhancement, GIA and EGL certificates. We own all of the diamond engagement rings on our site. We never take diamonds, or diamond jewelry, on consignment. Therefore, we are able to give our customers the guaranteed lowest prices on engagement rings.

Buy a Diamond That Only You Can Afford

The's ring buying guide will help you with the four C's when choosing a diamond. These include the cut, clarity, color and carat weight. All of our engagement rings are accompanied with a GIA, EGL or AGI diamond. Please purchase a diamond you can afford! We have a wonderful engagement ring layaway program , or a 6 month interest free pay pal engagement ring program . If you are in the military, or public service such as a police or fireman, we have a military engagement ring discount program . All of our cheap engagement rings , and discount engagement rings, are included.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Choosing a clarity enhanced diamond is a wonderful option for couples looking for an affordable engagement ring . Our scintillating collection of clarity enhanced diamond engagement rings are accompanied with certificates. Our staff will be happy to go over our extensive inventory of affordable diamond rings.

Choosing a Lab Created Diamond

Everyone has been talking about lab created diamonds . We are happy to announce that we have an astonishing collection of lab created, CDV diamonds in every shape you desire. Our ebay store, "Dream of Jewels," has our collection of synthetic diamonds as well.

Final Conclusion:

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