Pear cut engagement rings are stunning. According to our sources, they are making a comeback in Hollywood! We all know that when the public sees a Hollywood star (such as Victorian Beckham) wearing a specific diamond shape, the public will want to wear that same diamond. Ever since Dick Burton gave a 69.00 carat pear shape engagement ring to Liz Taylor, the pear shape diamond world has never been the same! A pear cut diamond is a fancy shape diamond that's circular on one end, yet comes to a point on the other end. It has the faceting of a round cut diamond, with 58 facets, and gives off alot of brilliance and dispersion. Pear shape diamonds should have a 1.30 to 1.65 mm's ratio. We love pear cut diamonds! Who wouldn't want what Ms. Taylor loved! So lets say thanks to Liz and Richard, while we view four gorgeous pear cut engagement rings!

Pear Cut Engagement Rings

Pear cut engagement rings , or as they say in the diamond trade "tear drop" shape, have made a big comeback! This diamond weighs 1.02 carat, and resides in a 14 kt solitaire engagement ring. There are many ways to evaluate a pear shape diamond; including color, clarity, polish and symmetry. Fun facts: fancy shape diamonds do not have cut grades!

Pear Shape Engagement Ring w/ Tapered Baguettes

As Burton and Taylor were a wonderful pair, that's how we see tapered baguettes and pear shape diamonds. This pear shape engagement ring features a 1.17 carat pear cut diamond, flanked by two tapered baguette diamonds, all residing in a 14 kt white gold setting. Discover our collection of pear shape diamond engagement rings, featuring styles such as halo and three stone engagement rings.

Clarity Enhanced Pear Shape Engagement Rings

Congratulations finding your life long partner! If you are on a budget, like this writer, you may want to purchase a diamond with clarity enhancement. This clarity enhanced diamond features a bright white, .75 carat, pear cut diamond residing in a 14 kt white gold solitaire setting. Our collection of clarity enhanced diamonds is always conflict free.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire engagement rings are lovely, and are still popular. This solitaire diamond ring features a pear shape diamond, weighing .58 carat, residing in an 18 kt white gold setting. Our collection of pear shape diamonds are accompanied by EGL, GIA and AGI diamond reports.

Final Conclusion:

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