Ebay is one of the great marketplaces on the internet today. Our eBay store, Dream of Jewels, has an overwhelming demand for the princess cut diamond shape. Some women may want a round cut diamond, but the most coveted fancy shape today is the princess cut diamond. Princess cut diamonds are, simply, square cut diamonds with the brilliance and faceting of a round brilliant cut diamond, with four points. Our eBay collection of princess cut diamonds are all conflict free and ethical. Here are 3 stunning princess cut engagement rings .

Princess Cut Engagement Ring

This stunning princess cut engagement ring features a glittering .46 carat princess cut clarity enhanced diamond . This diamond resides in a 14 kt white gold mounting. Princess cut diamonds are square modified brilliant cut diamonds.

Princess Cut Diamond Ring

This princess cut diamond diamond ring features a clarity enhanced diamond , weighing 1.03 carats. This diamond resides in a 14 kt white gold solitaire setting. Our selection of affordable engagement rings , on eBay, includes metals such as 14 kt white gold, yellow gold and platinum.

Three Stone Princess Cut Ring

Our collection of cheap engagement rings feature bright white princess cut diamonds. This engagement ring does not disappoint. This three stone ring features a glittering .40 carat fractured filled diamond. This diamond is flanked by two princess cut diamonds, weighing .60 carat. Princess cut diamonds were discovered by master diamond cutters in the 1980's, looking for a beautiful square shape diamond with the faceting of a round cut diamond.

Final Conclusions:

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