We love princess cut diamonds! In the last five years, princess cut diamonds have arguably become one of the hottest shapes. It seems to me they will continue to stay hot. And why not!? Square shape diamonds are beautiful, with the faceting and brilliancy of the classic round diamond. Princess cuts are a favorite for customers throughout the world. They were discovered in the late 1970's, early 1980's, by diamond cutters looking for a different take on the classic sqaure cut shape. Yet, they wanted something more brilliant than an emerald cut. These master jewelers came up with a square cut diamond with round cut faceting. The diamond world has never been the same! The GIA diamond laboratory calls the princess cut a square modified brilliant, but we just call them stunning. We always have a selection of princess cut diamonds with GIA diamond reports, and also clarity enhanced princess cut diamonds. Here are four stunning princess cut rings you will adore!

Princess Cut Ring with GIA Diamond Report

This stunning princess cut diamond engagement ring features a glittering .99 carat princess cut diamond, surrounded by 32 pave and crown set diamonds, all residing in a 14 Kt white gold setting. Simply stunning!

Princess Cut Diamond with Micropave Setting

Princess cut diamonds are hot and so are micropave settings! This stunning princess cut diamond ring features a .55 carat princess cut diamond accompanied by an AGI diamond report. This diamond is surrounded by 2 princess cut diamonds and 42 princess cut diamond accents, all residing in a 14 kt white gold micropave engagement ring. Beautiful and elegant!

Princess Cut Clarity Enhanced Diamond Ring

Its no secret that you can get an affordable engagement ring when you purchase one with a clarity enhanced diamond . This 1.75 carat princess cut diamond flanked by two princess cut diamonds and residing in a 14 kt white gold setting. This ring is simply lovely and classic.

Princess Cut Wedding Rings

After you purchase a beautiful princess cut diamond ring princess cut diamond ring, the next logical step is a beautiful princess cut wedding ring . This affordable wedding band features 12 invisible set princess cut diamonds, and 28 round cut diamond accents, all residing in an 18 kt white gold band. Wear it on the right or left hand....no rules!

Final Conclusion:

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