One of Americas favorite diamond shapes is the emerald cut diamond. Yet, in the 1980's, master diamond cutters were thinking, " why can't I mix an emerald cut and a round cut diamond?" Well, voila! The radiant cut diamond was discovered. Radiant cut diamonds are rectangular in shape, and have the faceting, brilliance and dispersion of a round cut diamond. They actually have cut corners where princess cut diamonds are square and have pointed corners. Radiant cut diamonds look lovely in a solitaire engagement ring or as a three stone engagement ring with baguette diamonds. The has a wonderful collection of clarity enhanced diamonds , and GIA certificate radiant cut diamonds. So enjoy our selection of radiant cut diamonds that are always ethical and conflict free.

Clarity Enhanced diamond

This chic and stunning radiant cut clarity enhanced diamond , weighing 1.20 carat, is featured in this 14 Kt white gold micropave engagement ring. Our collection of radiant cut diamonds is conflict free. Custom design your radiant cut engagement ring in white, yellow or rose gold.

Three Stone Engagement Ring

This radiant cut diamond weighs 1.37 carat, and is accompanied with a GIA diamond report. It is featured with two perfectly matched radiant cut diamonds, weighing .50 carat, in a platinum three stone engagement ring. Our extensive collection of three stone radiant cut diamond rings only use recycled platinum, and that's a guarantee.

Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

Radiant cut engagement rings are stunning with beautiful dispersion and a one of a kind sparkle. This spectacular 2.20 carat radiant cut diamond is accompanied by 6 straight baguette diamonds, all set in an 18 kt white gold setting.

Lucida Cut Diamond

Tiffany and Co. made the square radiant cut diamond popular and called it the Lucida cut . This square radiant diamond weighs exactly .92 carat, and sits centered with two tapered baguettes in a 14 kt white gold setting.

Final Conclusion:

With extraordinary brilliance and square cut corners radiant cut diamonds are simply gorgeous! Which radiant cut diamond is your favorite? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!