Purchase Price

How can any store, or website, give you a cheap price when the diamonds and jewelry are borrowed? We own every clarity enhanced diamond on our website. TheCheapDiamonds.com guarantees the lowest price and gives you a cheap engagement ring you always wanted, or your money back.

Ask for a 60 day return policy

Don't believe us? Ask the website, or jeweler, you are looking at for a cheap diamond ring, for a 60 day return policy. We guarantee that none of them will allow it. Every engagement ring and discount diamond ring at TheCheapDiamonds.com will have a 60 day no questions asked, money back guarantee

Natural or Clarity Enhanced Diamond

Our experts in the diamond industry have over 30 years of experience and will help choose a diamond that's fits within your budget. Our inventory includes natural diamonds with GIA Certificates, EGL Certificates or AGI diamond reports which states color, clarity, and cut grades

Round Cut or Fancy Shape Diamonds

Not sure what shape your partner wants? Here is a little hint: talk to a girlfriend, or future mother in law. They may know or at least help you find out. At Thecheapdiamonds.com, our inventory includes round cuts, and fancy shapes including princess cut, pear shape, oval cut diamond and radiant cut diamond. We have also noticed quite a resurgence in the marquis cut.