Recently, there has been much debate over what exactly CVD and HPHT diamonds are. What is the difference between the synthetic, man made diamond, and an HPHT diamond, from Mother Nature?

CVD diamonds are simply lab created synthetic diamonds. The initials stand for "Controlled Vapor Diffusion." This is a process done in a controlled laboratory which creates the exact physical and chemical properties of a natural diamond. HPHT stands for "High Pressure High Temperature." These are natural diamonds, from Mother Nature, whose color has been improved. HPHT diamonds are processed in a controlled laboratory, and put under extreme heat, and pressure, which changes the color of the diamond from a brownish tint to white. Diamonds that are subjected to the HPHT treatment must have a clarity of VS1 or better.

Do HPHT and CVD Diamonds Have Certificates

GIA will grade HPHT diamonds , and give them a color and clarity grade. They will comment on the GIA diamond report that it has been HPHT treated. GIA will not grade a CVD lab synthetic diamond.

What Shapes Do HPHT and CVD Diamonds Come In?

HPHT and CVD diamonds come in all fancy shapes including oval cuts , emerald cuts, princess cut , marquis cut and brilliant cut diamonds.

Final conclusion:

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