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We are always asked this question, "can heart shape diamonds be used in engagement rings, and are they popular?" Heart shape diamonds ARE used in engagement rings, specifically for valentine’s day.   They are also very popular for diamond pendants and diamond necklaces.

Heart shape diamonds are a special and unique diamond, which have 59 facets.  They are full of brilliance and dispersion. As with any type of diamond, the shape is personal preference but the millimeter length should be from .85 mm's to 1.15, but we do enjoy a longer heart shape.

Every heart shape diamond at comes with an AGI or EGl certificate stating the color, clarity, enhanced or non-enhanced, and the millimeters of the diamond.


As we know when Hollywood starts to wear a piece of jewelry the rest of us follow. Some celebrities wearing heart shape diamonds include the great Liz Taylor, the fashion model Katie price, Fergie (from the Black Eyed Peas), Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj.

Of course when you pick out your heart shape diamond, you also need to pick out the perfect micro pave setting in platinum or white gold. Gwen Stefani's heart shape diamond with a mico pave setting is perfect!


Again, as we see more Hollywood stars wearing heart shape diamonds, we will see more to come. And a little secret, heart shape diamonds are less expensive than the ever popular cushion cut and oval shape diamonds.


So get them before the price increase. Check out our heart shaped diamond engagement rings.


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