What is a Lab Created Diamond

Lab Created, or cultured, diamonds are man made diamonds that are produced in a controlled environment with many, but not all,of the same carbon atoms as a real diamond. Lab created diamonds sell less than clarity enhanced diamonds, but they have no resale value.

What are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity enhanced diamonds are real diamonds, with real imperfections, that have been treated, or enhanced. Most diamonds will have natural imperfections within the diamond. Light passing through the diamond may be visible to the eye. Once the diamond goes through the clarity enhancement process, this flaw will become invisible to the naked eye.

Lab Created Diamonds

All lab created diamonds have too much dispersion and brilliance. The bigger the lab created diamond, the easier it will be to distinguish from a natural diamond. Lab created diamonds can be differentiated with a 10 power loupe by any trained jeweler. Lab created diamonds are known as "fooler diamonds" in the jewelry industry, and try be interchanged and sold to jewelers who do not understand the difference.

What Choices Do I have for Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

A clarity enhanced diamond is a wonderful, natural option for consumers. Remember, clarity enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds, and a more affordable option than non enhanced diamonds. Clarity enhanced diamonds come in all shapes, sizes, colors and clarities. TheCheapDiamonds.com is pleased to offer you our vast inventory of colorless and near colorless enhanced and non enhanced diamonds. All of our diamonds will come with a guarantee that they are conflict free!

Final conclusion

Finding that special someone the perfect diamond engagement ring is one of the most important decisions one will make in a lifetime. While we agree the diamond buying process shouldn't just be about cost, it should be a consideration when, and if, you are just starting out. Brides and grooms looking to reduce their carbon footprint, without sacrificing the look or feel of their diamond, may be particularly drawn to lab created diamonds. Unfortunately lab created diamonds do not have any resale value, that is why we recommend clarity enhanced diamonds. Ultimately selecting, and wearing, an engagement ring is a deeply personal and romantic experience. We would be honored to help you navigate—and enjoy—this incredible milestone.