What is the Difference Between Lab Created Diamonds and Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

Consumers always ask, "what is the difference between Lab Created Diamonds and Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?"


Lab created diamonds are simply diamonds that have been created in a laboratory. These diamonds have been chemically, physically and optically treated. Usually, they have been treated so well that they tend to give off too much dispersion, or color, and will not look like a real diamond. The diamond will have more of a synthetic look


Can You Tell The Difference Between A Lab Created Diamond and a Mined Diamond?


Diamonds that are laboratory created, lab-grown, or man-made may have the same properties that a mined diamond has, but any professional will be able to tell the difference. An important point to consider is that a lab created diamond will definitely be cheaper, however there is no resale value for it. There is always a resale value with a natural mined diamond.


What Is A Clarity Enhanced Diamond?


Clarity enhanced diamonds are natural, real mined diamonds that have had imperfections treated. Most diamonds have feathers, which are small internal fractures visible to the naked eye. The clarity enhancement process will remove these feathers. In other words, the targeted flaw will be invisible to the naked eye. When purchasing clarity enhanced diamonds you will be able to save as much as 50 percent of a non enhanced diamond. In addition, the resale value of clarity enhanced diamonds is excellent, as compared to lab created diamonds which (in our opinion) have no resale value at all.


In our opinion, lab created diamonds do serve a purpose in the diamond industry. Any jewelry professional with a 10 power loupe can tell the difference between a lab created diamond and a natural diamond. Clarity enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds, which are half the price of non-enhanced diamonds, and have a good resale value.


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