Diamonds, as Marilyn Monroe sang, are a girls best friend and they are also April's birth stone. Diamonds are valued for their incredible brilliance and hardness. On the Mohs scale of hardness diamonds are a 10. Diamonds range from the colorless D-F, to the near colorless G-I, to pink, blue and fancy yellow. They also range in clarity from flawless to VVS, VS, SI to imperfect. Please view our diamond buying guide for more information. Diamonds, simply, are pure carbon and are appreciated for their dispersion, hardness and brilliance.


We have a large selection of the popular three stone engagement ring in platinum, or 14 and 18 kt white or yellow gold. Do you think your fiancé will want a traditional, classic solitaire engagement ring in either a four or six prong mounting? We also have the beautiful, and popular, micropave settings in the market today in platinum, gold or rose gold. Yes, rose gold is hot...we have spotted many hollywood stars wearing rose gold engagement rings!

Diamond Legend

According to the diamond legend, it tells us that diamonds enhance love and are master healers. Diamonds can create stability and clarity.

Diamond Shapes: Round Brilliant Diamond

The most popular diamond shape is the round brilliant cut. With its 58 facets and amazing brilliance, the round diamond has traditionally been the most popular diamond cut.

Fancy Shape diamond

Nothing says I love you more than a fancy shape diamond. Fancy shape diamonds have been very popular throughout the many eras of history. When Richard Burton said I love you to Liz Taylor, he gave her the Harry Winston big pear shape diamond. Then, everyone wanted a pear shape diamond. The marquise cut diamond had a wonderful resurgence during the 1970's-80's, and still continues to be popular today. We have also seen a big increase in popularity for emerald cut diamonds and asscher cut diamonds. But the big three for fancy shapes today are oval cuts, princess cuts and radiant cut diamonds. Please remember only sells diamonds with a certificate from GIA, EGL or AGI laboratories.

Diamond Care

Regular diamonds are very easy to care for. We recommend just soap, water and a toothbrush. Just a little dab and a brush and that should be fine. Never do this over a sink, we don't want your diamond to get lost. Diamond cleaner is also fine to use with a brush. We do not recommend purchasing synthetic or lab created diamonds, or lab created gemstones, which have no resale value!

Diamond Care Clarity Enhanced diamonds

The care for clarity enhanced diamonds is the same as for a regular diamond. Please tell your jeweler that your diamond is enhanced, because under 800 degree fire the enhancement will come out. We guarantee our enhancement for a lifetime.

Conflict Free

All of our diamonds are guaranteed conflict free, and will have this guarantee on our bill of sale. owns all of the diamonds and jewelry on our site and does not take any jewelry on consignment. This allows us to pass any savings on to you.

Final thoughts on our april birthstone

If you love diamonds, or your future fiancee has an April birthstone, please view our selection of diamonds. Please remember, we are buyers and sellers of all types of diamonds and micro-pave jewelry, and our inventory is always changing. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and will make the perfect engagement ring that will last a lifetime.