Who was Wearing Jewelry?

At TheCheapDiamonds.com one of our favorite past times other than buying and selling diamonds and jewelry, is going to the movies. We loved Marilyn Monroe in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," and Sean Connery in "Diamonds Are Forever." One of our favorite things to watch, though, is The Oscars. Even though we enjoy watching our favorite movies of the year, we really love seeing what the stars are wearing to this gala event. We all know that Hollywood starlets love wearing beautiful dresses, but Hollywood adores wearing diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry. Let's see who wore the most stunning diamond jewelry, and wore it well!

who was our favorite?

Our absolute favorite was Charlize Theron. Mad Max got all the attention, but our eyes were on Charlize's beautiful diamond opera length necklace. She was, and is, simply stunning. Olivia Wilde gets our next nod. Her diamond choker necklace was gorgeous. Her dress may not have impressed, but you had to love her necklace. We also loved Cate Blanchett's earrings, they were simply elegant and stunning. Julianne Moore wore a one of a kind diamond bracelet, which was a major showstopper. We may not see the glittering jewelry Hollywood used to wear back in the 195O's, throughout the Liz Taylor years, but the diamond jewelry at this year's Oscars was fantastic. Did anybody say, "can't wait till next year!?"