1. Does your jeweler, or jewelry website, understand the clarity enhancement process?



2. Is your jeweler able to differentiate an enhanced diamond from a non enhanced diamond?



3. Does your jeweler, or jewelry website buy, sell, and repair enhanced diamonds?



4. If they do, do they own the diamonds or are they on consignment from other dealers or owners?



5. If they don't understand anything about diamonds that have been enhanced, will they take the time out to help you.


6. Are they a member in good standing with the JBT (Jewelers Board of Trade) and the BBB (Better Business Bureau)?


7. How long has the jeweler, or jewelry web site been in business?


These are a just a few of the many important questions you, as a consumer, should think about asking before purchasing an enhanced diamond, repairing an enhanced diamond, or repairing jewelry which have diamonds that have been clarity enhanced.