Cubic zirconia, and it's counterpart Moissanite, are simulant diamonds which were made to have similar characteristics of a real diamond. They are a silicon carbide. The Cubic Zirconia is part of the zirconium dioxide family. As we have stated in our past blogs, both are very durable gems, however both simulants have way too much dispersion which gives off too much sparkle or color. This causes it to actually not look like a real diamond. Simulant diamonds sell for much less money than a real diamond, enhanced or non enhanced.

When is a Simulant Diamond Helpful

Simulant diamonds may be helpful for a person on the go who just doesn't want to wear a pair of real diamond stud earrings. Maybe you're off to the gym, or maybe traveling for work you don't want to worry about losing you diamond earrings or pendant. going on the road for work you can take your pair of diamond earrings or diamond pendant. Moissanite will cost more than a cubic zirconia, so we would always recommend using cubic zirconia when you travel.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

All of clarity enhanced diamonds and engagement rings are real diamonds from mother nature. We make sure each clarity enhanced diamond comes with an AGI or EGL diamond report stating its color, clarity and carat weight. Of course, they are Conflict Free. You will always be able to tell the difference between natural clarity enhanced diamonds from mother nature and either Moissanite, cubic zirconia, or lab created diamonds. Clarity enhanced diamonds have a resale value and these three do not. They will be considered worthless if you ever want to trade up for a bigger diamond.

What clarity Enhanced Diamond May Be Right For You

Everyone wants a natural diamond, but affordability is always a concern. This is where a clarity enhanced engagement ring comes in. Clarity enhanced diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, they are natural diamonds which have clarities from flawless to imperfect, and colors starting from D- F colorless, to G- I near colorless, and K-M faint yellow. There is a clarity enhanced diamond for every price point. You can save 30-40 percent by purchasing an enhanced diamond. They are conflict free, come with a certificate and have a resale value, whereas the simulants and lab grown diamonds do not. It would be our pleasure to help you find the finest enhanced diamond ring you will be able to find.

Final thoughts

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