What's hot in the diamond world? That is always the question. Internet diamond sites always ask themselves, "What stock do we need to carry? What color and clarity do our customers want?


diamond shapes

Now, let's answer both of those questions. Right now round diamonds, of course, are always in fashion, but oval shapes are hot. We can't find the right supply of ovals, which pushes up the price of non-enhanced ovals and all fancy shapes. We don't know how this occurs because last year, at this very time, cushions were the flavor of the month.  By the way, cushions are still hot! Also, this has the effect of pushing up the prices of enhanced diamonds.


The second part of our question is answered depending on what part of the world you are from. Our friends from the Far east (specifically china) only want rounds in D-F colors and Flawless to VVS2 diamonds. Our good friends from India want J-L colors and VVS to SI type diamonds, mostly fancy shapes. Our European friends want good colors and VS to SI quality diamonds. However, we are seeing an increase in the demand for enhanced goods from them. What about the U.S, even though we have been in the great recession? The U.S. still demands diamonds. We mostly want VS2-I1 type goods in all shapes and sizes.

But the U.S also want clarity enhanced diamonds. And why not? Without a loupe it's impossible to tell the difference. Oh, if you know what's the next hot shape please give us a call!