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Certificates vs. Appraisals

The words “certificate” and “appraisal” both conjure confidence and trust. Because of this, when you’re purchasing a diamond, you might think the two are essentially the same. However, while each kind of documents can come in handy in its own way, there is a huge difference between what each promises. Here’s what you need to know:

Certifications provides the consumer with quality reports on the qualities of individual diamonds and gems. Experienced gemologists will measure the weight and dimension of the diamond and gem and assess quality characteristics such as cut, color, and clarity. The certifications will come from laboratories that aren’t at all affiliated with retail outlets, and for this reason they are the most reliable source for information on a diamond. diamonds and gems are certified by the world’s leading gem grading labs including AGI, EGL and GIA. All reports will be very detailed and include size and weight measurements, as well as the color, clarity, polish, and symmetry. Please contact us to request an electronic copy of a diamond's lab certificate.

Appraisals, on the other hand, are a bit less informative. These documents are typically generated by jewelry stores, based entirely on the professional opinion of jewelry store owners. Whereas diamond certifications offer detailed reports, appraisals merely give a sense of how much a diamond is worth, and they are great to use for insurance purposes.