Shopping has changed, therefore engagement ring shopping has also changed. There are so many reasons for purchasing an engagement ring online; shopping whenever you want, comparing all different types of engagement rings, educating yourself online, and excellent customer service. With us, your questions will usually be answered within an hour. Let's go through these top reasons for buying an engagement ring online.

Ease and Availability

Whether shopping for a clarity enhanced diamond or a GIA diamond engagement ring , you have the ease, and availability, of seeing hundreds of diamonds and engagement rings at the tip of your finger. All of this is available without having to make the trip to a jewelry store.


There is a huge amount of diamond education available online. If you want information on a clarity enhanced engagement ring , or new CVD diamonds , you can educate yourself, and feel confident buying a diamond ring that's right for you.

Latest Styles

If you want a beautiful micropave engagement ring , a classic three stone engagement ring , or a timeless solitaire engagement ring , all styles are available. You don't have to look at old, dusty catalogues in jewelry stores. At we will ship the latest styles in one week or less.

Customer Service:

Online jewelry stores are never closed, that's the beauty of purchasing online. You you can purchase any hour of the day you choose. If you're in a different time zone,it doesn't matter. is available Monday thru Sunday, answering all of your questions. Maybe you have questions regarding metals, shipping, and/or sizing. We are available to answer anything involving the purchase of your engagement ring.

Return policy:

Online stores always have information available on the their return policy. They also have information on their memberships in BBB (Better Business Bureau). owns all of the diamonds, and diamond jewelry, on our site so we can offer a 60 day (no questions asked) return policy.

Final thoughts:

Online shopping is here to stay. We think this is the future for buying engagement rings. Do you like our blogs? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!