We love everything about diamonds. We love the brilliancy, the dispersion, and the way our diamonds make our customers feel. TheCheapDiamonds.com has a wonderful selection of GIA diamond rings and clarity enhanced diamonds . We also have the latest craze, CVD diamonds , or as they are known in the jewelry industry, "Chemical Vapor Deposition." We want our customers to have the choice of choosing a diamond made by mother nature, an improved diamond from Mother Nature, or a synthetic diamond. Let's discuss what CVD diamonds are and how they are made.

CVD Diamonds

CVD diamonds (Chemical Vapor Deposition) are simply man made, synthetic diamonds that have most of the physical and chemical properties of a diamond made by Mother Nature. Synthetic diamonds, made in a controlled environment, have been in the making from General Electric since the 1950's. CVD diamonds are processed in a controlled laboratory by taking a gas, such as hydrogen, mixed with other elements, which produces a chemical reaction which makes the man made diamonds. HPHT diamonds , which stands for High Pressure High Temperature, takes a natural diamond that has a brown tint, and turns it white under extreme heat. The HPHT diamond process will only work when the diamond used has a VS1 clarity or better.

CVD Diamond Shapes

CVD diamonds do not come in an abundance of shapes and sizes. You may be able to find a 1.00 carat CVD cushion cut diamond , but you most likely will not be able to find a 5.00 carat CVD diamond. CVD diamonds also do not come in an abundance of colors and clarities.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity enhanced diamonds are real diamonds produced by Mother Nature that have had their imperfections perfected. The clarity enhancement process eliminates many of the imperfections, and fractures, and improves a diamond to make the targeted flaw invisible to the naked eye. The EGL laboratory will grade clarity enhanced diamonds.

GIA and EGL Diamonds

GIA and EGL diamonds come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and clarities. HPHT diamonds have certificates from the GIA and EGL laboratories. GIA will not grade CVD diamonds .

Final Conclusion:

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