There are a few diamond shows, throughout the world, which give a good indication of where the prices are within the diamond industry. These shows include the Miami Beach jewelry show, the Las Vegas jewelry show, and the September Hong Kong diamond and jewelry show. The Hong Kong show tells us who the buyers are, and how the prices of diamonds, and clarity enhanced diamonds , are doing. Let's see who came, and where the prices are today!

Who Came to Buy Diamonds:

It seems that the world is in a bit of a recession. Our clients from the Far East, including China, India and Japan were there, but they were very quiet. The Far East's signature diamonds are colorless and near colorless diamonds with clarities of Flawless, VVS1, VVS2, and VS1. They were not moving, which means prices are soft for these types of diamonds. Our friends from the Middle East were also quiet, yet the price of fancy color diamonds, including fancy blue and fancy pink, were holding strong. Our friends from Europe, including Germany and Italy, were also absent. Things in Europe are still very quiet. Dealers from the United Sates were there in abundance, and prices for SI1 and SI2 type of diamonds, in colorless and near colorless, are holding strong. I1, or imperfect diamonds, with GIA diamond reports have actually increased, and the demand for these diamonds has also increased.

The Prices for Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity enhanced diamonds prices are actually increasing. This is due to the price increase of GIA imperfect diamonds. When the demand for non enhanced, imperfect diamonds rise, the demand, and price, for clarity enhanced diamonds also rise. Our collection of clarity enhanced diamond engagement rings are conflict free. All diamonds have an EGL diamond certificate , or AGI diamond report.

The Prices for Lab Created Diamonds

The prices for lab created diamonds , or synthetic, CVD diamonds , has increased. The reason for this increase is that the demand for synthetic diamonds, or CVD diamonds (Chemical Vapor Diffusion), has increased, therefore the prices have increased. All of our lab created engagement rings have an AGI diamond report stating their color, clarity and cut grade.

The Prices for HPHT Diamonds

HPHT diamonds , or High Pressure High Temperature diamonds, have seen a price decrease throughout the world. Because of competition from clarity enhanced diamonds, and lab created diamonds , we have seen a price decrease on all types of HPHT diamonds and HPHT engagement rings.

We Own All of Our Diamond Inventory has been buying and selling diamonds, and clarity enhanced diamonds, for over thirty years. We travel throughout the world to find the finest GIA, and EGL diamonds, and clarity enhanced diamonds. We must pay attention to all diamond prices because we actually own all of our diamonds in our collection. We do not take any lab grown diamonds, or clarity enhanced diamonds , on consignment. We are, then, able to pass any savings onto our customers. Most online stores receive diamonds on consignment.

90 Day Return Policy wants you to know that we own all of our diamond inventory. We offer our customers a 90 day return policy, with no questions asked. No other online store can do that because they take all of their diamonds on consignment. We also have a wonderful 1 year engagement ring lay away plan for all of our conflict free diamonds, in addition to a 5 % military engagement ring discount plan for all of our military.

Final Conclusion:

One of the biggest shows that tells us where the diamond industry is going for the upcoming year is the great September Hong Kong jewelry show. Please tell us if you like our blogs on Facebook or Twitter!