What are Natural Diamonds

Simply said, natural diamonds are from mother nature, made from carbon. Naturally occurring diamonds are the hardest substance known to man and come in the form of rough. Natural diamonds are formed at extremely high pressures, as high as 125 degrees, in the earth and it takes thousands of years for a diamond to form. Since diamonds in the rough travel though the earth, they acquire many imperfections, abrasions, flaws and/or inclusions. This gives each diamond their own individuality. No two diamonds are the same. Using the 4 C's helps you in purchasing each diamond by giving the cut grade, color, clarity and carat weight. Natural diamonds are always preferred over clarity enhanced diamonds, yet will be more expensive.

What Are Clarity Enhanced or Treated Diamonds

Enhanced diamonds are diamonds that have been treated, or added to, in order to improve the look, or appearance, of the diamonds. There are a few different types of enhancement, including laser drilling and fracture filling. Fracture filling is the process of injecting an invisible resin which has the effect of making imperfections invisible. Please understand, fracture filling is a wonderful process but doesn't remove every imperfection. According to jewelry ethics, and United States law, jewelers must reveal to the customer that a diamond has been fracture filled. Clarity enhancements may come out due to extreme fire, or heat, used in sizing a diamond. If this happens, your jeweler should be notified that your engagement ring is clarity enhanced or fractured filled so the jeweler can safely remove the diamond. Treated diamonds can easily be enhanced again and have the same look as before. EGL and other labs will grade clarity enhanced diamonds, yet GIA will not grade clarity enhanced diamonds

Laser Drilling

Laser drilling is a process where you can treat, or drill, an imperfection to remove any noticeable flaw or black imperfection from a diamond. Some diamonds may just have laser drilling done in order to remove natural flaws, or may be done in conjunction with fracture filling. Laser drilling will leave a tiny white line which is not visible to the naked eye and actually looks like a small "icycle". Ask your jeweler what effect laser drilling, or fracture filling, will have on the value of your diamond. In addition, ask what special care is needed for your diamond ring. Laser drilling will not need any extra care for your engagement ring, but please note that once a diamond has been drilled it is permanent. When a diamond has been clarity enhanced or fracture filled it can be removed at any time, but the imperfections may become visible to the naked eye. All major laboratories will grade diamonds with the laser drilled treatment.

Are There Any Other Type of Enhancement Treatments

Yes there are. One such treatment is called HPHT, or high pressure-high temperature. HPHT diamonds are natural diamonds that have a brown based color that will become colorless when this treatment is used. This treatment was first discovered by general electric in 1999. An HPHT diamond is put in a controlled laboratory and put into a hot pressure chamber in extreme heat. The and imperfections will disappear and the color color of the diamond will change. HPHT treaments will not be used with diamonds that have many flaws, and can only be used with clarities such as flawless, VVS1, VVS2, VS1 and VS2. HPHT diamonds are graded by the GIA, or Gemological Institute of America, as an HPHT diamond. It will state on the GIA Diamond Report that the diamond is HPHT.

Treatment Detection

There are many ways to detect treatment, but the main way to view laser drilled treatment is with a 10 power jewelers loupe, or microsope. Laser drilled diamond treatments will leave a tiny white line that looks like an icicle with a straight line in the diamond. Fracture filling can also be viewed by using a jewleers loupe or microscope, and you can see flashes of a rainbow of colors within the diamond.

Treatment Controversy and Discussion

Everyone in the jewelry industry has an opinion on the topic of diamond enhancements. Diamond enhancements are used to make a diamond appear better to the consumers naked eye. A diamond that has many imperfections to the naked eye is not a sellable diamond. However, after treament, this diamond will be able to be used as an engagement ring center. The controversy happens when the public is not notified that the diamond has been enhanced or laser drilled.TheCheapDiamonds.com sells diamonds with GIA diamond reports, EGL diamond reports and AGI diamond reports. We feel that a consumer should purchase a diamond that they can afford. Different enhancements can help to afford a diamond someone may not have been able to afford. TheCheapDiamonds.com owns all of the diamonds on our website, whereas most other engagement rings sites takes their diamonds on consignment. We recommend purchasing a diamond you can afford, either a natural diamond or clarity enhanced diamond that is conflict free.

Final Conclusion:

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