According to Rappaport News, rough prices and secondary market prices are cooling down, however we see an uptick for clarity enhanced diamonds . understands that when the ecoomies of the world stagnate, or having slower growth, consumers want clarity enhanced diamonds. We know that when demand increases, prices will also increase. Emerald cut diamond prices, with clarity enhancement , are very strong. Off size fancy shape, and round cut diamonds, are also still strong. I1 clarities with GIA diamond certificates are still very strong as well. Flawless, VVS and VS diamonds (with and without clarity enhancement) have seen a decrease in demand, and a decrease in price. Customers seem to understand that they can save up to 50% by purchasing clarity enhanced engagement rings. Here are four stunning clarity enhanced diamond rings .

Cushion Cut Diamonds

This romantic antique cushion cut clarity enhanced diamond weighs exactly 2.14 carat. This gorgeous diamond is featured in a 14 kt white gold solitaire setting. Antique cushion cut diamond engagement rings are very popular in today's marketplace and are very hard to find.

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Emerald cut diamonds are classic! An emerald cut diamond with clarity enhancement is very hard to find. This 2.24 carat emerald cut diamond is flanked by 6 straight baguette diamond accents, all residing in a 14 kt white gold setting. You will be dazzled with our collection of cheap diamond rings .

Round Cut Engagement Ring

With economies slowing down, and rough prices quieting, imperfect diamonds with GIA reports, and clarity enhanced diamonds, are staying strong. This clarity enhanced diamond ring features a 4.03 carat, fracture filled, diamond with an AGI diamond report stating F color and SI1 clarity. It resides in a 14 kt white gold setting.

Final Thoughts:

Imperfect diamonds are still very strong today. Which engagement ring is your favorite? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!