Most of the talk taking place today on engagement rings is about diamonds being conflict free. Conflict free is such an important subject and takes this subject very seriously! We make sure that every diamond, and clarity enhanced diamond , we purchase with comes with a bill of sale guaranteeing us that the diamonds are conflict free. All of the dealers that we purchase diamonds through participate in the Kimberley process. This includes members of joint governments thoughout the world trying to stem the flow of conflict diamonds that have been used to finance wars and conflicts in Africa. It is so important to stem the flow of conflict diamonds, as this has an effect that can be seen throughout the world. If there are less conflicts throughout the world, underage children can stop fighting in wars, and not dig for diamonds and gold. This will not pollute the waters, and children can stay in school and continue to learn. These children may grow up and find ways to help save their country from conflict and pollution instead of fighting these needless wars. Lives will be saved, and families can continue to grow and prosper. So you see, when you buy, demand that your GIA diamond engagement ring and Clarity enhanced engagement ring should be conflict free! We are actually saving lives and saving the earth!

Clarity enhanced diamond engagement rings do not require any special care! Under extreme heat, the clarity enhanced diamond process will come out. When you're resizing a ring, please tell your jeweler that your diamond is enhanced, so he can easily remove the diamond. guarantees the clarity enhancement process for a lifetime!

Final Thoughts:

Help save the earth by buying diamonds that are conflict free!