Too Much Dispersion:

Lab created diamonds are not identical to natural diamonds. They are created in a scientifically controlled environment, and even though they have a very similar carbon structure, diamond dealers and gemologists can instantly tell when a diamond has been lab created. As we have said in past blogs, lab created diamonds have too much dispersion and color.

Conflict Free

Lab created diamonds are, of course, conflict free which is always beneficial. However, ALL of our diamonds and GIA diamond rings , EGL and AGI engagement rings come with a guarantee that all of our diamonds are conflict free.

Clarities and Colors:

Lab created diamonds do not come in a wide variety of colors and clarities, whereas real diamonds from nature come in all different color and clarity ranges. Color range includes colorless and near colorless, and clarities begin at flawess to VS-SI, and imperfect diamonds that have imperfections that are not visible to the naked eye


While lab created diamonds will cost less than GIA certifcate engagement rings and clarity enhanced engagement rings, lab created diamonds do not have any resale value. So, once you've purchased that lab created diamond, it will not have any resale value. We have many affordable diamond rings and discount engagement rings that are not lab created.

Final conclusion has been in the diamond industry for over 30 years. We choose not to carry any lab created diamonds, and always recommend natural certified diamonds and clarity enhanced diamonds, which have a resale value. Before you purchase a lab created diamond, find out what that resale of that diamond is! Ask your future fiancee or wife if she wants a lab created diamond or a diamond created by mother nature! Like our blog? Tell us on facebook or twitter!