It's Oscar time, and we are not paying attention to the best movies, but what we ARE paying attention to is what diamonds and jewelry the stars were wearing. They were wearing diamonds, antique engagement rings, diamond necklaces and precious stones.

Let's see who was wearing what: Bette Midler was looking as elegant as ever, wearing a fantastic Burma Ruby ring and ruby earrings. One of our favorites actresses, looking gorgeous, was Jennifer Lawrence who was wearing 2 gorgeous antique engagement rings and a beautiful diamond necklace



Antique engagement rings are here to stay and looks like longer antique rings are going to be hot. I loved Jennifer Garners goregous art deco necklace It looked like something that Barbra Streisand would wear. Nicole Kidman was wearing a gorgeous pair of antique earrings. Antique engagement rings and antique jewelry is definitely hot and is here to stay. Once the stars wear it, the rest of the public follow suit, and this trend (of antique jewelry) is here to stay.


Oh, by the way, we loved Matthew McConahay .. he deserved best actor!