Oval cut diamonds could, arguably, be the hottest fancy shape diamond in the diamond market today! Oval cut diamonds are elongated in shape with circular ends and the beautiful faceting of a round cut brilliant diamond. It gives off beautiful brilliancy and dispersion. Each of our oval cut diamonds will be accompanied by an GIA, AGI or EGL diamond report stating its color and clarity. Oval cuts are so popular, that many of the hottest Hollywood stars are wearing them as their engagement ring, including Blake Lively, Jennifer Anniston and Kate Middleton. Once Hollywood starts to wear a certain type of diamond, the adoring public won't be too far behind. Let's look at 3 oval shape diamond engagement rings you will love!

Oval Cut Engagement Ring

This stunning clarity enhanced diamond engagement ring features a bright white 1.48 carat oval cut diamond, accompanied by an AGI diamond report. This diamond resides in a 14 kt white gold solitaire setting. Our collection of oval cut solitaire diamond rings is always ethical.

Oval Cut Diamond Ring

This darling oval cut diamond ring features a glittering 1.32 carat oval cut diamond, accompanied by a GIA diamond report stating D color and SI2 clarity. This diamond is flanked by two baguette diamonds, all residing in gleaming platinum. Classic and timeless, this oval shape gemstone is sure to please!

Oval Shaped Wedding Ring

Brilliance and dispersion is maximized in this glittering oval shaped diamond wedding ring . This wedding ring features 5 oval diamonds weighing approximately 3.00 ct residing in a platinum setting. The unique dispersion of this oval cut wedding band is shown in a beautiful five stone wedding ring.

Final Conclusion:

Oval cut engagement rings are beautiful, and are the hottest fancy shape diamond in today's marketplace!