Does Your Partner Wear Jewelry

If your partner wears rings, please notice if he or she has a ring that they occasionally wear. If they do, borrow that ring and your local jewelry store will glad to help you find the size. If you haven't thought of what color your wedding band or engagement ring setting will be, start by looking at your partners color of jewelry he or she wears you will get an idea of what color setting to buy.

Best Friends Always Helps

Best friends will always help you out when you are in need. They always know the right way to approach a situation, and will keep this a surprise for you. Best friends always talk about what types of engagement rings they want and what size they are! Always be nice to best friends!

Future Mother In Laws

Future mother in laws will always know, or help you out, in finding the finger size for that special engagement ring. Why shouldn't they? This only happens once in a lifetime and I'm sure they'll be happy to help!

If you do purchase a clarity enhanced diamond , and you make a mistake on the finger size, please remember to tell the jeweler that your ring has been clarity enhanced. He can then properly remove the diamond from the setting. If an enhanced diamond is touched by 500 degree fire the enhancement will come out. But please remember, any enhanced diamond that is purchased from the cheap has a lifetime clarity enhancement guarantee

Final thoughts

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