The JCK (Jewelers Circular Keystone Show) is one of the most important diamond shows during the calendar year. While going through the show, we bumped into many different diamond, and clarity enhanced, dealers. One of our topics of conversation is always about how the diamond, and clarity enhanced diamond, industry is doing. Here are questions we asked, along with their answers.

How is the supply and demand for clarity enhanced diamonds?

"That is a wonderful question," answers a dealer. It seems that the supply of I1 clarity enhanced diamonds (with GIA reports) is very low, and the demand is very high. This will keep the prices very strong in fancy, as well as brilliant, cut shapes. Off size shapes, along with clarity enhanced diamonds , are still strong. Emerald cut diamonds with VS grading (after enhancement) are also strong, in high demand, and very hard to find. Larger fancy shape diamonds over three carats, such as oval cuts, pear cuts, that are clean to the naked eye are also very strong. Our collection of clarity enhanced diamonds is always conflict free.

How have Man made Diamonds affected The Diamond and Clarity Enhanced market?

Another dealers response was, "In the beginning it seemed like customers were curious about man-made diamonds. Yet, when a customer wants an off size emerald, pear, or oval cut in 2.50 carat with H color and SI2 clarity, they can't find it! It also seems like consumers aren't sure about spending thousands and thousands of dollars for man-made or synthetic diamonds. When they want an off size diamond, like this, they choose an enhanced, or non-enhanced diamond.

What is happening to the prices of diamonds and Lab Created diamonds?

Off size diamonds with, and without, clarity enhancements in fancy and brilliant cuts are still holding strong. It seems like man made synthetic diamonds ares softening. Browse our collection of lab created diamonds residing in metals including platinum and gold.

HPHT Prices ( high Pressure High Temperature)

Where are the prices for HPHT diamonds ? It seems like the demand, and prices, for HPHT diamonds is also softening a bit.

Final Conclusion:

We will see you at the great Hong Kong show in September! We will see how diamond prices are doing!