We love diamonds! Many of our customers want clarity enhanced diamonds. However, some of our customers want to know what exactly clarity Enhanced Diamonds are. We know that they are real diamonds, made by nature, but do they come in all sizes and shapes? Are they guaranteed for a lifetime? Well, please don't fret, because TheCheapDiamonds.com will answer all of your questions and add a few good tips for when you purchase a clarity enhanced engagement ring.

What are clarity Enhanced Diamonds:

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are real diamonds made by mother nature. Most diamonds have small feathers, or inclusions. The clarity enhanced diamond process will target a flaw, and inject a special material to make the imperfection invisible to the naked eye.

Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Real Diamonds:

Yes Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are real diamonds made by mother nature.

Do Clarity Enhanced Diamonds come in all shapes:

Yes! Clarity Enhanced Diamonds comes in all different shapes and sizes. Our collection of enhanced engagement rings include round cuts, pear cut, oval cut, marquis cut, emerald cut, radiant cut and asscher cut diamonds. Unlike synthetic diamonds (like CVD diamonds ), they do not only come in certain sizes and shapes. HPHT diamonds only come in VS1 clarities and better, and the color has been heat treated to improve the color.

Can the Clarity Enhanced Process change the diamonds color:

The clarity Enhanced diamond process will never change a diamonds true color.

Special care:

Clarity enhanced diamond engagement rings do not require any special care! Under extreme heat, the clarity enhanced diamond process will come out. When you're resizing a ring, please tell your jeweler that your diamond is enhanced, so he can easily remove the diamond. TheCheapDiamonds.com guarantees the clarity enhancement process for a lifetime!

Final Conclusion:

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are a wonderful opportunity to purchase an affordable engagement ring you can enjoy for a lifetime. Do you like our tips on purchasing engagement rings? Please tell us on Facebook or Twitter!