The holiday season is a wonderful time to commit to your partner. Purchasing an engagement ring is an important symbol of that commitment. With the economies of the world slowing down a bit, has a few tips on how to help you purchase an affordable engagement ring .

Choose a Clarity Enhanced Diamond Engagement Ring

Clarity enhanced diamonds are a wonderful option for the couple that wants a beautiful engagement ring. With a clarity enhanced engagement ring, you can save up to 50 percent on the cost and get a bigger stone than you would with a non enhanced diamond.

Choose an Enhanced Diamond

Choosing an enhanced diamond with HPHT treatment (high pressure, high temperature treatment) can save you money.

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Choose a Man Made CVD Diamond

A popular part of the diamond business is CVD diamonds , or "chemical vapor deposition" diamonds. Man made, and conflict free, in a controlled laboratory can save you 25 % off of a diamond made by Mother Nature.

Choose a Near Colorless Diamond

According to the GIA diamond grading scale, near colorless diamonds range from H, I to J color. If you choose a near colorless diamond you will have a hard time differentiating between an I color and a G color. Choosing a J color can save you at least 25 % on your engagement ring.

Choose an I1 Clarity

One of the fastest growing clarities of the diamond business are imperfect diamonds, where the imperfections can not be seen by the naked eye. Our collection of discount engagement rings are conflict free!

Where Do You Live

If you live in the south, for example Florida, or different country such as Mexico or Brazil, the sun light is different than other parts of the country. You can choose a faint yellow diamond such as K or L color and you wouldn't notice the difference. Our selection of cheap engagement rings will be accompanied with certificates from the EGL and GIA diamond laboratories.

Final Conclusion:

These were a few tips to help you choose an affordable engagement ring . Have a great holiday! Like our tips? Please tell us on Facebook or Twitter!