How do I know know I'm purchasing a cheap engagement ring ? At our goal is to give you a beautiful engagement ring you will love for a lifetime. We've been in the diamond industry for over thirty years, so we have the knowledge, and expertise, in purchasing engagement rings with GIA certificates, EGL certificates, as well as CVD and HPHT diamonds , and clarity enhanced diamonds . With this being said, there are a few tips when purchasing an affordable engagement ring . Does the shop, or site, own the diamonds? What type of GIA diamonds are there to buy, and what are the colors and clarities of their diamond engagement rings? Here are five wonderful tips when purchasing engagement rings that the sites never want to tell you!

What Type of Engagement Rings To Buy:

The has a wonderful selection of clarity enhanced diamonds and non enhanced diamonds . Our collection of non enhanced diamonds includes GIA and EGL diamond reports. Our collection of clarity enhanced diamonds has reports from the AGI and EGL diamond labs as well. We recommend a diamond according to your budget, and will always tell our customers to spend what they can afford.


We love imperfect diamonds. We love imperfect diamonds that have an imperfection that can be covered by a prong, or a feather, that will be eye clean on the side of the diamond. This type of imperfection will help you get an affordable diamond ring.


If you want to save a bit of money, we always recommend a near colorless diamond, such as H-I-J colors, and faint Yellow colors such as K, L and M. If you live in the South, K, L and M colors will look wonderful!

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity enhanced diamonds will allow you the opportunity to purchase a larger diamond than if you chose a non enhanced diamond.

CVD Diamonds

One of the hottest growing sector of the diamond industry is CVD diamonds . These are lab grown synthetic diamonds, which are processed in a controlled laboratory and are conflict free.

HPHT Diamonds:

HPHT diamonds are high pressure high temperature diamonds. They are real diamonds whose color has been improved in a controlled laboratory.

Does The website Own the Diamond Inventory:

Most websites, and stores, do not own the diamonds you may be purchasing. When the site does not own the diamond inventory, you are paying an extra commission. Ask the site for 60 days to return your ring in case you are not satisfied. If they say ok, you can be sure they own the diamond inventory. owns all of the GIA diamonds, and clarity enhanced diamonds, on our website!

Final Conclusion:

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