Find out what shape diamond she likes and what type of setting she prefers

This is not an easy task, but this information can easily be found. Why not ask her best friend what shape diamond she liked, is it a fancy shape, or a round brilliant cut? You can also ask what her ring size is. Social media is a great place to start as well. Her Facebook and Pinterest pages are wonderful sources to check out to see if she likes a classic ring, or maybe a micro-pave setting in platinum or gold. Don't guesstimate a finger size. You don't want to be at that restaurant for your special day and the ring turns out to be too small! Ask her friend! If this isn't happening, try to borrow a ring from her and use our ring sizing guide.

Diamond ABCs

Education education education! has a great diamond buying guide, including the four c's; color, clarity, cut and carat weight. This is a must see for everyone purchasing a diamond wedding ring. We also have information on diamond enhancement to help you get educated. Check out our past blogs on treatments such as clarity enhancement, HPHT and lab grown diamonds.

Buy what you can afford

Remember the commercials we all saw on TV asking if you could spend just 3 months of your salary on a diamond engagement ring? Well, we don't believe in that. We recommend buying only what you can afford, and that is your own personal decision. There is no better judge of that than yourself!

Buy with a certificate

Buying with a certificate is one of the most important ways you can protect your investment. We recommend buying with any of the three certificates, EGL, AGI or GIA. All of these certifcates will give you information including shape, carat size, color, clarity, depth , table, cut , polish , symmetry and fluorescence.

Free Returns and exchanges

Be cautious of shops, online or otherwise, that don't have a proper return or exchange policy in case she doesn't like the ring you chose, or the shape of the diamond. You will sleep better at night knowing that if you do make a mistake, you can exchange or return the ring. Also, shops should have free ring sizing.

Who owns the diamond inventory

Most online shops do not own their own diamond inventory. Yes, you read this correctly. Most online shops just take the diamonds they offer on consignment. This way, you are paying an extra middleman's fee. Ask the shop if you can return the diamond within 60 days. Most places will say NO. At we own all of our clarity enhanced diamonds, certificate diamonds and jewelry, and you can have 60 to 90 days to make your decision. We own all of our diamonds.

Do Not Buy Lab Grown Diamonds or Lab Grown gems

We don't like lab grown diamonds. They have no resale value. Other online stores will sell you lab grown, but before you purchase this, ask them what the resale value of a lab grown diamond or lab grown gem is.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of our list? Did we forget anything? Tell us on facebook and twitter.