It's Valentine's Day and why not surprise your loved one with the hottest trend in engagement rings - a CLARITY ENHANCED ENGAGEMENT RING.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond prices for non-enhanced diamonds are very strong in the United States and holding. When diamond prices are strong, we turn to clarity enhanced diamonds. A customer can purchase an enhanced diamond for approximately 1/2 the price of a non-enhanced diamond. And remember, clarity enhanced diamonds are real and natural. It's impossible to tell the difference between a fine enhanced diamond and non-enhanced diamond.

So, you've decided your going to buy an enhanced diamond now what shapes are hot? The old perennial round brilliant will always be hot, but fancy shape diamonds are also sizzling. Oval cuts, heart shapes, princess cuts and cushion cuts are still very hot with pear shapes and marquis staying strong.

You thought this Valentine's day you couldn't afford the diamond of your dreams? Well. you can ... buy enhanced. Oh... and we guarantee the enhancement for a lifetime!