What's your favorite fancy shape diamonds. Is it the classic pear shape diamond that Richard Burton gave Liz Taylor? Or is it the popular square shape diamonds such as princess or radiant cut ? Are you a classic person that loves the emerald or asscher cut ? TheCheapDiamonds.com has a vast selection of fancy shape diamonds, all clarity enhanced. Here are our favorite shapes and we hope you enjoy our engagement rings.

Princess Cut Diamonds

We love princess cut diamonds. The princess cut diamond is probably the most popular fancy shape diamond today. It's a square shape diamond with the faceting of a round diamond, with points on each end. Clarity enhanced princess cut diamonds are very popular in all colors and clarities

Pear Shape Diamonds

When Richard Burton gave Liz Taylor a 69.00 carat pear shape diamond ring , the world fell in love with this fancy shape. Shaped like a tear drop, with the faceting of a round diamond, a clarity enhanced pear shape diamond just can't be beat!

Marquis Diamonds

We love clarity enhanced diamonds, and the marquis diamond was made popular in the 1960's and 1970's. It seems to be making a comeback today. Long in shape, and ending with two points, it has the faceting of a round diamond. This beautiful and elegant fancy shape diamond is stunning. We have many cheap diamond rings featuring clarity enhanced marquis diamonds . We love our military, so please inquire about our military engagement ring discount policy.

Emerald Cut Diamond

If you are a true classic, than this square cut diamond may be just right for you. Mind you, this rectangular or square shape emerald cut diamond is less stated and has less facets than other fancy shapes. But it is very popular. If you're elegant and unique, this shape may be for you. We have a wonderful 8 month engagement ring layaway program .

Radiant Cut Diamond

You may love the square radiant cut shape, but want the faceting of a round diamond. This cut cornered diamond is stunning. TheCheapdiamonds.com has a wonderful array of discount diamond rings , and cheap engagement rings , featuring radiant cut diamonds. All of these are accompanied by EGL diamond reports.

OvalCcut Diamonds

Hollywood actresses loves oval cut diamonds and so do we. This classic fancy shape diamond is longish in shape, but with rounded corners and the faceting of a round diamond. We have many clarity enhanced oval cut engagement rings featuring this truly stunning diamond. All of our diamonds are conflict free and ethical.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

You love classic engagement rings.The asscher cut is classic and elegant.This square shape diamond is one of the hottest diamonds in the market place today, and we have a wonderful collection of enhanced diamonds.

Final conclusion

We love fancy shape diamonds! What is your favorite fancy shape? Tell us on Twitter and Facebook and receive a $100.00 discount!