loves diamond engagement rings. We own all of our diamond jewelry, including certificate GIA, AGI and EGL diamonds, as well as the clarity enhanced diamonds on our site. We do not take anything on consignment, therefore we are able to pass any savings on to our customers. We went on the internet today, and came across many sites advertising " clearance diamond rings ." What exactly are clearance diamond rings? We also came across "lab created sapphires with side diamonds," lab created rubies," "lab created emeralds with side diamonds," and "simulated diamond rings," all of which are probably made in the Far East.

Lab Created Diamonds

We found a plethora of lab created, and synthetic, diamonds center stones with small diamond accents. We have blogged in the past about the appearance of synthetic diamonds , and lab created diamonds , and how they have much too much brilliance and dispersion. In today's market place lab created, and synthetic, diamonds have terrible resale value and trade in value. Buyer beware!

Lab Created Gemstones

We found lab created sapphires, and lab created rubies, with small side diamond accents. Lab created gemstones do not look like natural precious gemstones and also have a terrible resale and trade in value.


When we use the term " overstock ," it means too much. If there is an "overstock," it tells us that no one wants the particular setting design, or that the shape of the diamond is out of style

Discount Engagement Rings

We tried to find certificate engagement rings when we searched the term " discount engagement rings ." We came across lab created diamonds , closeouts, and lab created simulants. Again, these have no resale or trade in value. Buyer beware!

Discount Diamond Rings

When we searched " discount diamond rings ," we also came up with close outs. To, close outs sounds like overstock. This tells us that these particular sites are offering jewelry that can not sell, and is out of style

Honk Kong Jewelry

We viewed many types of cheap diamond rings, and cheap engagement rings. Most of them contained center stones of lab created gemstones, or small diamonds made to look bigger in a setting called an illusion setting. This setting makes the center stone appear bigger than it actually is. Many pieces we found are actually produced in the Far East, using cheaper labor, and not producing quality workmanship.

No Certificates

When we did find a diamond, either a princess cut or round cut, they were not accompanied by any type of certificate. Center diamonds should come with a certificate, either IGI, AGI, GIA or EGL.

Conflict Free

We found that most of the diamonds used did not come with any guarantee of being conflict free , or ethical.

Final Conclusion

Clearance diamond rings aren't really a bargain. Beware of lab created gemstones! Do you like our blog? Tell us in Facebook or Twitter.