You ask what's going on in New York City this time of year? Well, plenty of course! For you baseball fans, are big fans of the N.Y. Mets, so let's go Mets! Now back to diamonds, specifically clarity enhanced diamonds.



The famous New York Dealers diamond club is having their annual Israeli Diamond week. This consists of small/medium to big Israeli and Indian diamond firms trying to sell gia certificate diamonds and clarity enhanced diamonds to U.S dealers. This show has started off strong.


Diamonds with GIA certificates with I1 clarities bring very strong prices. Unfortunately, flawless and VVS diamonds earmarked for the far east are very quiet.


Clarity enhanced diamonds are very strong. Fancy shapes, including ovals cushion cuts and princess cuts are hard to find so they are bringing strong prices. In addition, clarity enhanced round diamonds in sizes above 2.50-6.00 carats are also very much in demand.


For the antique enthusiast, there is a Leuer show at the jacob javitz center with dealers from around the globe selling antique jewelry. Go Mets!