has been in the diamond, and jewelry, industry for over thirty years. We have been buying and trading diamonds and jewelry with other dealers, and selling diamonds to customers through the Internet throughout the world. We love all types of diamonds, with GIA and EGL diamond reports, clarity enhanced diamonds , and laser drilled diamonds. We also love our diamond customers! A customer for a GIA diamond is different than a customer for a clarity enhanced diamond. In today's marketplace, lab grown diamonds and synthetic diamonds do not have any resale value. We could carry lab grown diamonds in our online e-store, but we choose not to. This is because lab grown diamonds have no wholesale or trade in value. Here is our view on the values of clarity enhanced diamonds, non enhanced diamonds and synthetic diamonds.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity enhanced diamonds have a fine resale, or trade in, value and you may save at least 30 percent off the cost of a non enhanced diamond.

GIA, EGL and AGI Diamond Engagement Rings

GIA , EGL and AGI diamond rings have a wonderful trade in value. GIA does not certify clarity enhanced diamonds, but the EGL and AGI laboratories will grade enhanced diamonds.

HPHT Diamonds

HPHT diamonds with GIA certificates also have a nice trade in value, and the GIA report will document that the diamond has HPHT treatment. HPHT diamonds come in D, E and F colors, and clarities from Flawless, VVS1, VVS2 to VS1 and VS2.

Laser Drilled Diamonds

Laser drilled diamonds will be certified by the GIA and will also comment that the diamond has been laser drilled. These also have resale value. Laser drilled diamonds have a tiny microscopic white line within the diamond that can only be seen by a ten power loupe, or a 20 power diamond microscope.

Lab Grown Diamonds or Synthetic Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds , or synthetic diamonds have no wholesale resale value. Before you purchase this type of diamond, please ask the website or jeweler about their trade in program. Also, ask if you can trade in toward a real diamond. If so, get it in writing.

Conflict Free

While lab grown and synthetic diamonds are conflict free, ask your diamond or clarity enhanced diamond website if they participate in the Kimberly process. Please ask them to guarantee this in writing.

Final conclusion did not get into the diamond and jewelry industry because we had a hard time finding a diamond ring for ourselves. You can say we were born into the industry. Our family has been in the diamond business since the 1950's. Most websites take their GIA clarity enhanced diamonds , on consignment from other dealers throughout the world. We do not! We also do not sell lab grown diamonds because we feel they have no resale or trade in value. Tell us your comments on Twitter or Facebook!