Are you in the market for an engagement ring, but are daunted by the high price of diamonds? Or, maybe you've been looking around and reading about diamond processes, lab made diamonds, and HPHT. Well, it's time we go back to school a bit, and find out the real diddy about HPHT and discuss this treatment as an alternative for diamond shoppers. We are glad you found us, and congratulations on your engagement! Now, sit back for a few minutes and enjoy reading about what HPHT is and whether or not you should be nervous purchasing a diamond with HPHT. How does it look as a center diamond, and is there a resale value?

What Is HPHT and How do I know if a Diamond has been treated.

HPHT is simply a treatment that has been discovered in the past 20 years, and stands for High Pressure and High Temperature. Dealers of rough diamonds will look at their diamonds before they are cut and decide if their rough diamonds are a candidate for this type of treatment. A diamond is put into a "controlled heated temperature condition" and, simply put, try and make it a colorless diamond. For a diamond to be a candiddate for HPHT the diamond must have a brown color hue, and has to be a flawless or VVS clarity diamond. The HPHT process will not work if a diamond is not a brownish color and will not work if their are any major imperfections in the diamond. Diamonds with the HPHT treatment process will have diamond reports stating what the new color and clarity of the diamond is. HPHT diamonds will range in the colorless range of D-F to near colorless range of G- H. The clarity will range from flawless to VVS2

Should you be nervous purchasing an HPHT diamond? What shapes do they come in:

You should definitely not be nervous! HPHT is a wonderful alternative for you to choose a diamond. HPHT diamonds do not come in just round shapes. The HPHT treatment will also be used in fancy shape diamonds including the pear shape, oval cut, marquise cut, radiant cut and princess cut. Another surprise is, many engagement rings today will have some type of treatment, either being clarity enhanced, aser drilled or hpht. There is nothing wrong with treatment as long as you purchase from a reputable jeweler who discloses this treatment. Enhanced diamonds cost much less than non enhanced diamonds, so choosing a treated diamond will allow you to pick a bigger diamond for your budget, and we all know girls love big diamonds.

Should You be nervous about the durability of HPHT diamond?

Diamonds are the hardest known gemstones, and rank # 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. There is no need to worry about setting an HPHT diamond or wearing an HPHT diamond. This treatment lasts a lifetime, so you can enjoy this ring without any concern. HPHT diamonds will be a beautiful color so you can set them in any metal you desire including platinum, white gold, yellow gold or even rose gold. If you want a micro pave style, or just a plain solitaire style, call us and we will custom make a beautiful handmade ring for you. Pay attention to her favorite jewelry, and see what metal she would prefer to wear. You can go to our diamond buying guide for more tips on this.

Resale Value

Resale value is so important today when evaluating what type of diamond you should purchase. There is a very good resale value for HPHT diamonds, clarity enhanced diamonds, and of course, NON enhanced diamonds. However, there is No Resale Value for Lab Grown Diamonds. Before you purchase a Lab Grown Diamond, ask your jeweler what is the resale value of this diamond. Ask the jeweler if you can return this lab grown diamond, if you change your mind after 60 days. At we will always take our diamonds back after 60 days because we own all the diamonds on our site, and never take diamonds on consignment. Yes, we will still take our diamonds back in years to come, when you decide to upgrade to a new and bigger diamond. Whatever diamond you choose, please ask the jeweler for a guarantee on the bill that it is Conflict Free!

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