It seems to us, at, that there has been a lot of chatter about Lab Grown, or Synthetic, diamonds. Well, we are here to educate you on diamonds grown in a lab, and give you our thoughts on them. We will educate you on how this is done, if there is any value in them, and see the rarity of lab grown diamonds.


What exactly is a Lab grown diamond?.

Lab grown diamonds are simply diamonds produced in a controlled environment, in other words, a laboratory. Lab grown diamonds have some of the carbon atoms that have the positioning of the diamond crystals, which gives lab grown diamonds the look of a real diamond. Zircons and Mossanite also have the similarities of real diamonds, but do not have carbon crystal structures..

Are Lab grown diamonds Conflict Free? .

When lab grown diamonds are produced in a controlled environment, they are considered "Eco- Friendly," but all of our certificate diamonds and clarity enhanced diamonds come with a guarantee that they are conflict free on our bill of sale. That is a guarantee we strongly stand behind.


What colors do they come in?

Cultured, or lab grown, diamonds can be found as colorless diamonds, ranging from D-F, near colorless ranging from G-I, and faint yellow diamonds ranging from J - M. They also come in fancy yellow colors, including fancy yellow, intense yellow, and vivid yellow. Another process includes irradiation, which takes a NON lab grown diamond and actually radiates a diamond and change the color to either intense blue, intense green, intense red, or intense yellow. Our diamond buying guide will give you a wonderful education on color, cut and clarity.


What is the value of lab grown diamonds?


Websites have been touting lab grown diamonds for the past few years claiming, and I quote, "Lab diamonds offer excellent value, and are slightly more affordable than natural diamonds of comparable size and quality. " We totally disagree with this statement. In fact, while lab grown diamonds may be less money than natural diamonds with or without enhancement, lab grown diamonds have no resale value and are, in fact, considered to be worthless by the jewelry industry. Before you purchase a lab grown diamond, ask what is the resale value of that lab grown diamond.

In conclusion:

It seems that websites have praised lab grown diamonds but with having over thirty years of experience in the diamond industry, we feel that lab created diamonds is just a fad. They have no resale value, and while one doesn't purchase for resale value, we want to make sure our customers spend their money wisely. We recommend a clarity enhanced diamond or HPHT treated diamond. You will have the real thing, and do you think your future wife would rather receive a fake diamond or the real thing!?