What are Hpht Diamonds?


In this week's blog, we will compare high pressure high temperature (hpht) diamonds to enhanced diamonds.  Here is our comparison:


Hpht stands for "High Pressure High Temperature" diamonds. A diamond which is brown, top light brown, or champagne color with flawless or VVS1 and VVS2 clarity is put into a controlled cube and given a high pressure, high temperature treatment. What comes next is nothing short of brilliance! The diamond's color changes to D, E, F, and G colors.


Does GIA Grade HPHT Diamonds?


GIA WILL grade HPHT diamonds, and will do so after the process is finished. GIA will put under their Comments that it is an HPHT diamond.


How does the price of an HPHT diamond compare to a non-enhanced diamond?



A customer can save at least 25 to 50 percent on an hpht diamond, when comparing a diamond of the same color and clarity of a non-enhanced diamond.


How does the hpht diamond compare to the resale value of a clarity enhanced diamond?



As we said in our last blog, the resale value of a man made diamond is not good. However, hpht diamonds, and enhanced diamonds, have a decent resale value.


Is Hpht permanent to a diamond?


Yes! While you can remove the enhancement from clarity enhanced diamonds, the hpht process is permanent.

We agree that hpht diamonds serve a purpose in the diamond industry for the consumer who wants a colorless diamond,  yet wants to save money and still have a resale value.


Image Credit: hadardiamonds.com